WebM video container - AV8/AV9 video codecs

I’m curious if there’s any plan to “recognize” the WebM video container. I’m using Sparkle to escape WordPress, but that’s one thing I used heavily due to is reduced file size vs. MP4. - Rob

WebM is still not supported in mobile safari as far as I can tell.

No, not yet. Maybe one day. I’m building a page that has four videos on it and the webM files significantly reduce the burden (apples-to-apples MP4 files are 3-4x larger). I use MP4 for mobile at a smaller resolution - 480p. I hide those videos on the desktop breakpoint (Device: Desktop PCs) and use the webM files (hidden on mobile breakpoint) at a higher resolution.

I was having webM issues in Safari with my Sparkle build. The video container was black screen and never started playing. Opening a direct link to the file in Safari and the webM video would play fine. Here’s what I found:

source src=“https://www.ebersol.info/video/Crane-PPE-animation.webm” type=“video/mp4”

I changed type=“video/mp4” to type=“video/webm” and it now works perfectly.

Is that something that can be updated in Sparkle?

Thanks, Rob

When we add support for webm we’ll support it properly yes. As of now it’s not supported.