Website redesign with the freedom only Sparkle can give has been redesigned. Please give me your valuable comments as always on the design, copy, and page interaction.


I see you have gone for a more contemporary style, but overall I can see precision and consistency so well done! :slight_smile: :clap:

I have taken a quick look and found a few things…

  • I find it strange though that your main navigation is repeated when I click on the hamburger icon? What is your take on this?
  • Also when I click on the Contact link it opens the Contact page, but in your hamburger slide down menu the Contact Us Now link pops open a new window? Is that meant to be? It seems strange.
  • On your tablet device (portrait) for me the paragraph font is far too small to read, plus there is a lot of paragraph text being cut off because of the container height they sit in. This is also the case for the footer.
  • On mobile Blog index page the pagination icon pointer hangs off and doesn’t align with the post number pages? On the other devices it looks the part.

The other thing… The content reads great and is very informative!
But as a consumer I feel the content is all about WubSites and doesn’t give me a clear understanding in how you can fix my problem(s)/pain-point(s)?

I really love the “Fast Loading…” section on your home page.
That definitely engages me to show me how you can help me with my website’s loading speed! :slight_smile:

Anyways, a great job! :slight_smile: :clap:


The mobile menu on scroll seems broken

Looks good. I like the Southgate site also.

Hey there,
The redesigned 37 looks amazing! The creative freedom offered by Sparkle truly stands out in the design, copy, and page interactions. The visuals are captivating, the content is engaging, and the overall user experience is seamless. Great job on the redesign!