Websites for Web3

Hello fellas, I´ve doing for a year now this couple of projects and im really happy how Sparkle has help me out to deliver the kind of quality and speed I need.

There is a place where people are looking for a more equal, fair and sustainable web. This is called web3 and im helping inside one of the projects called PaisanoDAO.

This landing I’ve made it in like… 8 hours and it’s perfect for the actual needs.

The other one is my star project and the one im focusing A LOT lately.
It’s called PANOT.ES a series of NFTs made as a first step into the new digital era.

Im more than pleased to received your feedback and comments.

Really congratulations @duncan because this is truly a first world class software that push ideas forward. More than Adobe, Squarespace, Webflow… Really what we have here is unique.

Cheers for that :beers:


Hola Gustavo. Very good websites and very interesting both projects. I was expecting to find a white rabbit at the end of the fall through the black tunnel :wink:


Haha the strategy work. Thanks for your comment Saeta, see you around.


Well done @soygrafico! :slight_smile:

Web 3.0 is an interesting path of decentralising the web. All what I wish is that all this woke stops with it.

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Thanks man, yep I see it as a new opportunity… kind of the 2007 momentum were all change (digitally speaking) I think there is a lot of opportunities to explore new ways of create connections. Let’s see what happen. For the meantime THANK GOD we have Sparkle :muscle:


Hi Bro! I love your job! I tell you that I also build a website and I am very fond of and I bet on web 3.0, can we talk internally? :pray:t2:

Hello Songer, of course. Catch me on twitter as @panot_es

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Panot! You are the cryptoartist hahaha. Of course I’m following you crack.:mechanical_arm::fire:

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jajaja yes doxxed here :sweat_smile: