Websites made possible by Sparkle

Here are some websites made possible by the powerful Sparkle. Comments are appreciated.


As always great work and professional :slight_smile: :clap:

Just a little bit of feedback…
Site 1 - Maybe have the Shop page links more interactive plus I noticed the Bank links aren’t active?
Site 2 - Love it… very original :slight_smile: Just check your main heading on the Tablet, the full menu page has the left-hand box falling short so I can’t read the third half of the menu. Also your About Us button seems to not be working - desktop nor mobile? There is also a white gap above the map on desktop that isn’t there on tablet or mobile?
Site 3 - Looking good. Is there suppose to be navigation on mobile?
Site 4 - The hamburger navigation opens a blue overlay but I only see the navigation when I scroll - seems strange? And on desktop you have the main navigation and the hamburger which seems to be a repeat of the main navigation? On tablet there is some white space under the footer.
Site 5 - There is a big vacant gap above the testimonials that seems out of place. The testimonials I feel slide across to quick for me to read it and I know Sparkle has a setting where when you hover of the gallery slider it pauses it.

I love how you guys are showing off Sparkle and no one would be the wiser that what made the website (besides you guys) is a visual website platform that runs rings around the big guys! :slight_smile: :clap:

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Very nice, very classy site you created for the Ambassador Mall.
One nit picking suggestion: In the headline “Offering diverse range of products” it needs the letter “a” so it reads “Offering a diverse range of products”.
Also… what is the “Suits Zone”? Okay, I read the copy with it…it’s the Food Court. Calling it a “Suits Zone” doesn’t make sense…just call it “Food Court” or if you want to stick with the Zone theme, “Food Zone”.
Otherwise, this is about the nicest mall site I have seen!

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Thank you very much @FlaminFig and @macmancape

I personally like it and wondering why you did not create the same menu-bar approach on this website: – I always find it better to see the menubar even after scrolling up or down.
And of course I am asking how exactly you did it on:

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Hi Uwe.

Do mean the crossfading header? It’s right here:

Mr. F.

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Thanks, missed that obviously.

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