What does Follow Footer do

Does someone have an example of Follow Footer and how it works? I read the documentation, but I didn’t understand what it was describing.

I’m hoping it’s used to solve a problem I have. I have a wide box that I’m using as a footer and a copyright notice and contact me link in the footer, and I want them on every page. That part worked fine. But my page lengths are different sizes, and moving the footer to the bottom of one page moves it to the wrong location on the other pages.

I haven’t tried locking it in place for each page, but first I was trying to explore Follow Footer and see if it helps accomplish my task.

@chuckbo, You are just about there. Go back to the first footer you created (which by the sounds you have already grouped) and then click “Follow footer”, which means that the footer is now stuck to the bottom of the page no matter how long or how short it is compared to the other pages, and likewise for the other pages!

Locking is just an editing aid. Follow footer does what you need.

Thanks, guys.
I think what confused me is that the Follow Footer shows some space below the footer. But I’ve previewed the pages, and they look like I expected.