What is the best way for best looking pictures and photos

Hi, I create an art with photo mix site.
At this moment I compress the created pictures (some png) and photos before I put it on my sparkle project. But when I go to “View” the Quality not so fine.
Then I read the Documentation and about WebP settings too (and I change the setting).

My Question now:
Should I compress the files before I put them into my project or should I put the high quality Pictures/Photos in the project and Sparkle do it for me?
When I have to do it, what is the best way for good quality pictures/photos and not to slow performance?


It’s best to let Sparkle do the heavy lifting. Give it your best quality, and let Sparkle take care of the rest.

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What @macmancape said. With the added note that if you expect your site to be really image heavy, say eventually growing to have thousands of images, then since the original image will be stored in the Sparkle project, the Sparkle project itself will grow to be the sum of all images.

In this case you should consider reducing the image size before importing them in Sparkle. It’s probably best to keep the compression quality high, and reduce the resolution. There is no one size that’s always ok, but the two extremes are:

  • if an image is going to be used with the “zoom in lightbox” option, the original image size can be what’s exported, and how large that becomes can depend on the visitor screen, so you might want a really large image
  • conversely if the image is only ever used as a 200x150 thumbnail, it’s useless to import a high resolution images anyway

Otherwise images are generally in canvas and a 2000px size on the longer axis is generally ok.

But again, only if you expect the original images to impact significantly.

Finally, if the source images are camera raw images, or images with lots of metadata (say the phone-created live images), it’s probably also best to first convert them to a format that’s faster to display in Sparkle, generally a jpeg.

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