What is the best way to add many clients page to my website?

I realize this is kind of a simple question but I’ll ask anyway and try to be clear.

  1. What is the best way to add a client page to my website when I may have about 60 or so clients?
    Is it just as simple as add their name to a page so google can find it better?
  2. Or should I do a different sparkle file for each client? I’m thinking this is not the best but my thought is what if my single sparkle file becomes too large. I realize that sparkle only add changes when you reload a website.
    note: these client pages will be simple one page info perhaps with a link to a google map and other links that match a certain look on every page.
    I look forward to comments.

While a file for each client is entirely doable, 60 pages is also very manageable in Sparkle, in case that concerns you.

Having a separate file per client can make it cumbersome in updating the whole website, say you want to change the footer on all pages, or the header layout, with all pages in a single file using the “Show in all pages” option you can then alter the header in one page and have it spread out through all pages.