What trick do you have to make a table?

I’ve done this forever but today I can’t find a command in Sparkle to do it.
I’m planning to add a table to my page that I’m going to label as a calendar to show a calendar of events. But I don’t see the command to insert a table.

Maybe I’ll take a screen shot of the Calendar app.
But what do you all do if you want to display a calendar of events or a table? (I’m not talking about an editable calendar — just one to show the dates of upcoming events.) Am I just missing something extremely obvious?

There are many ways to do something what you need.

Table: you can use the script box and create a table by using HTML commands

Calendar bit cost involved: you can use the calendar plugins for sparkle 3

Calendar for free: you can create a google calendar and include it in your sparkle side with embed-HTML what google provides.

I hope that helps.

Thank you. That gives me some options.

Or you can have something like this that I have created in the latest Jara Ki template from Flamin’ Fig. I have used buttons and text cells that are grouped and in the end all the rows and columns have been grouped as a table - works well :slight_smile:

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As well an idea, easy to do.

I make tables using Affinity Publisher (it’s like inDesign) and export them in a SVG format. Sparkle allows vector (SVG) content in the image box, and therefore you don’t need to make troubles to embed the coding of tables.

The idea I’m going to try out may be an idea I saw here. If I build a table in Numbers, I can Share it as a collaboration, and I kind of remember that I can take the link to it and embed that on my page and have a read-only calendar with links from the various items. Am I imagining that someone else here described doing something like that?