Where is my website?

Hi all

I worked many weeks on my website. I saved it by klicking on „save“. Then I closed sparkle. One day later I opened sparkle again and wanted to change few things. But I cannot find the saved data !? Where is it ? It’s not in the sparkle folder. I typed sparkle in the search bar , but there is only the empty folder! I exported the website to an separate folder and loaded it up by FileZilla before :pray:t2:
I could Upgrade to 5 and download my website , but that’s not a reason if i will have the same problem again in future. Imagine I didn’t exported the data…. Few weeks work for nothing ?

Do a search on your computer for the name you saved it as. It could be anywhere. It’s up to you where you save the sparkle file.

Alternatively, open sparkle, then open recent. It will probably be there

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