Will pay for screen share help

I’ve been using Sparkle 4x on a MacStudio 14.2.1 for the last year or so doing my high school reunion web site. It was working fine until yesterday when I needed to make some changes and additions. Now a navigation bar that I modified, does not show properly when I publish it. It looks right in Sparkle and in Preview, but not in the browser after I publish the site. I’m very willing to pay a very experienced user to help me through this doing a screen share.

Sparkle problems

If there are discrepancies between the preview (in sparkle) and the subsequently published page(s), there may be a program error.
It looks to me as if you have duplicated something and tried to insert or replace something.
You should first contact support and possibly send the project to the developers.

I contacted support and Duncan had me send the file. Thanks.

Have a check if you might have copy and pasted on top of the existing elements.
I am saying that because it happened to myself twice and was wondering what is wrong.

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Turns out that I was using pasted graphics, not knowing that I can adjust the opacity of typed text. Had to replace a few items, and did find one hidden one. All is well now.

The best way to keep things organised is to name your layers. This will help you find things that may become hidden. Whilst the generic default labels are just fine for a small site, for larger sites with a lot of objects, naming the layers is a good practice. Also, grouping things helps, particularly if you need to move information about for different device layouts.