Years gone by…wasted my valuable

I spent years on RW to create websites. I can clearly see wasted my valuable years. Never ever known Sparkle is available. Without of any knowledge of Sparkle I have purchased PRO 5. I’ve started with 5 PRO. With fail & try I now have 2 websites are up and running with created by Sparkle. Sparkle is not free from criticism. I believe incoming years will be so much better. Can I ask this request. Could you please do something for SEO to be much easier?


Hey @Vedsez welcome. Of course we can always improve and we’re super open to it.

What do you find complex about SEO?

When open SEO section filled in necessary details still given you (!) I also notice SPARKLE has no SAVE AS. Is there any reason for this ?

“Save as” is an operating system issue that Apple, for unknown reasons, chose to hide. When you go to save something, open File on the menu bar and then look at the word “Duplicate”. Now, press the “OPT” button on your keyboard. Voila, there’s Save As.

Why Apple thought this was a good idea is beyond me, it’s idiotic, but there you go. Someone thought that “Duplicate” does the same thing, I guess. It doesn’t. I’ve been using and programming computers for literally decades, and can probably count the number of times I’ve “duplicated” a file on my fingers. I “save as” every day. Whoever did that has little sense of version control and TBH, that worries me a little about the engineering at Apple. Maybe they think that tossing in the duplicate number attached to the duplicated file does that, but that assumes we are OK with being forced to use their naming and numbering logic.

Anyway, hope that helps.

I’ve solve the problem. Many thanks Cheers

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Yay!! You’re welcome!

Thanks for that little tidbit. I never knew that Apple can restrict how an app (Sparkle) behaves. Some Apple apps have Save as…

Glad to help out where I can. An app can bypass the built-in OS functions, as, for example, Microsoft Office does, but it adds a lot of extra programming load and overhead to the app. Every app that uses OS calls to do tasks like file saving will be subject to the OS operations, whether Apple, Windows, Linux, or whatever. If an app wants to implement something different, then the developer must choose to do so, with other inherent risks … for example, changes in OS code, additional security tasks, etc. While I don’t think what Apple did with the Save As function was particularly smart, I don’t think it would behoove Sparkle devs to burn time setting that stuff up.

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I agree. In any case the option key is good enough.