YouTube videos defaulting to 720

Hi. I’m very new to Sparkle, but I’m learning all that I can. I will be using quite a few Youtube videos when I build my site, but I notice that in preview they default to 720p and not 1080p! Is this because of the preview mode? Will they automatically play at 1080p when I publish, assuming people’s internet speeds are fast, or will 720p always be the default?

I can’t quite decide whether to use Youtube or host my own MPG4 videos. The advantage of Youtube of course is that it will play the appropriate sizes depending on people’s speeds, but I would always want them to play 1080p as a first choice.

There’s no control over that. YouTube decides on their own. Presumably lowering default bandwidth is something they’re doing in response to this stay at home situation.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, it defaults to 1080p when playing on Youtube, it’s only when it’s embedded into Sparkle that it defaults at 720p. Very strange.