“Alt Text” for text links and buttons

Hello Duncan, hope you are doing good. I just posted the link to my almost complete made in Sparkle website in this forum. I must say that the app is amazing and opens many possibilities to create with a free thinking. I am sure that you must be packing awesome features in V5 of the app.

I tested the website on https://pagespeed.web.dev

The results are amazing in terms of speed and accessibility. This shows the quality of code the app generates behind the scenes. However I am not able to resolve a few issues like “Alt Text” for text links and buttons. I can’t find any option on the right side where I can enter the description or Alt Text. Is this something that is doable??


The screenshot you show does not mention alt text. It mentions low contrast text, and a link that has just an icon, so it’s “not discernible”.

It’s hard to say what pagespeed is complaining about exactly without seeing the original page. Is the low contrast text the text input placeholder? Is the icon an emoji or picked from the icons? The latter do have an accessibility title in them.