Any chance of a text Accordian/toggle module

Not something used often but very useful for breaking down long passages of text, FAQs etc.

I’ve been working on a site that involves listing a news headline for each day - for a year - and the list is getting very long. I don’t want to spread the list over several pages. At the moment I’m using the “scrollable” text option which is OK but can be a bit tricky to use on mobiles and involves a pretty ugly scroll bar on desktops.

If i could toggle text in sections I could break down my days into months which would be easier to use and look better.

Probably not a very high priority request but maybe sometime…

Love using Sparkle, it’s a breath of fresh air after working on Wordpress sites.


Yes indeed, I do support this idea very much!!!

I also support this very much

Would be nice to have this.

Yes I can see a place for this as a feature on Sparkle websites! :slight_smile:

As for me I started requesting these features since 2018, Mouse hover pop ups, Tabs and Accordion. I think there are basic features sparkleapp should have incomparism with Adobe Muse, since a lot of non-coders using Sparkleapp now use to fire websites with Adobe muse. So many widgets helped us create amazing sites with Adobe muse. Now that they are leaving Muse for Sparkleapp, Duncan should ensure the basic features can be accessed. Tabs, Accordion Panels, Link Anchor Tags to Accordion Panels and especially Smart Pop Up’s (for product features, online store building, guides). All these features decreases the number of pages as well as page length. My friends and I where using these features a lot in adobe muse. After introducing Sparkleapp to them, they loved it after testing it but decided to settle on Mobirise app and Webflow because it contained these features. I pray that Duncan would address this as quickly as possible.
Guys have also thought about the introduction of pen tool as well, since its all about designing. If there is a text wrap feature why not a pen tool.We don’t have to leave sparkle and fire Apple pages to get some shapes designed and pasted into Sparkle app.