Blog post pagination

Hello all you sparklers out there!
The most of my blogs are working well, not this one!
This is a screenshot from Chrome and it does look the right way

When I put it on live it looks like this:

A ginormous gap between my posts and the blog pagination and then a gap to the footer.
What is going wrong?
Can somebody help me?
This is the website:

On my own blog I have a gap as well.

I have adjusted the post pagination and the gap at the bottom remains.
Sparkle program and website are different again.
See the screen shots

Thanks in advance

OH MY! We were writing about this same issue at the same time! WOW! :slight_smile:

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You have the same problem?

Exactly the same. Very frustrating as in the preview it looks just fine, it’s only after publishing that the problem happens. It looks amateurish and I can’t fix it.

Let see what the experts say.
Could not find your post though

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Something we likely need to look at. Please send the project file, thanks.