Buttons with Link to PopUp Windows

Hi There,
my Popup Windows do not work anymore since the newest update. When clicking the button ‘Mehr dazu …’ it should open a popup, but it does not. This is on both pages: eLAB and FACTORY. I checked it with Google Chrome and Safari. Any idea?

Thanks, Carola

Hi Carola.

I see, that i don’t see something popping.

I checked my test project and discovered a bug with an overlay effect. I will inform Duncan shortly.
Don’t know if that has something to do with your problem.

Does the popup work in preview?

Mr. F.

Thank you Mr. F.
What an idea :clap: Yes, the popup works in preview :raised_hands: Thanks also for informing Duncan.
Happiest evening, Carola

Please send us the project file so we can test.

To clarify, @Mr_Fozzie’s project issue is certainly unrelated to what you are seeing, so it’s best if you send us the project file so we can look into it.

Project file sent via Wetransfer… Thanks Carola

Hi Carola,

having a little panic thinking I my website could have the same problems, I checked both of your sites eLab and Factory using Safari on my iPad (latest iPadOS). On both sites the popups opened well, only on Factory the close-button (circle with X) does not work, I closed the popups by clicking on the background.

Best regards, Stephan

Hello Carola.

The problem seems to be fixed. Can you tell us something about the solution? Was it due to Sparkle or was it a user error?

With my “problem” it was something else. It had set itself unnoticed a password protection on a picture. Was it me? I don’t remember that. Maybe also because of my advanced age. :older_adult: :laughing:

Mr. F.

Duncan sent me a pre-release that fixed the problem.

Thanks for your helping hands guys