Contact form to multiple email adresses? (two)

Hi everyone,

does anyone know if its possible to send a contact form via email to TWO different email addresses simultaniously? And if so, how do you put that in? separate it with semicolon?
thank you so much in advance!

You can try to separate it with a comma.

no, sadly that doesn’t work. i tried :slightly_frowning_face:
@duncan? any idea?

Check this here:

Mr. F.

@Dooria79, as @selcuk mentioned if you place a “comma + space” behind the primary email and then continue with a second email I can most certainly tell you that it works.

At times Gmail doesn’t play nicely though…

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More important is NOT to use own SMTP server.
You should set “E-Mail via webserver”

Mr. F.

thanks i will try that