First Site after switching from Muse to Sparkle

Hey everybody,
I recently made the switch from Muse to Sparkle (kinda late, I know,; I was reluctant to let Muse go but with the purchase of the Mac Studio ultra I didn’t have much of a choice anymore haha).

I design, compose music and develop stories for Escape Rooms (quite the niche business) and decided to strip my new website of all redundant info and just let my work speak for itself. No bio, no galleries , but everything you see or hear is my work.

Let me know what ya’ll think!


I’m sure @eelcoclaassen you must be appreciating the stability of Sparkle when compared to Muse!

Going by what you said you have a bold and clear cut visual of your craft!
It also looks great on mobile!
Well done! :slight_smile: :clap:

Thanks! Yes, I’m A fan! The only thing I’m really, really, really hoping for is the choice to not have the text auto-scaled being added.

But @eelcoclaassen you can turn it off in Settings / Miscellaneous…

You can? That is awesome! Thanks you’re a lifesaver!

Hi there, amazing site! Maybe the connection between the menu items at the top and the thematic areas are missing (scroll locations)? Clicking on a menu item is not followed by response or action.

That is because they are not meant to be menu items, just text. But I’m happy you told me because now I know people might perceive that particular text as such! I’ll see how I can change that in the design. I don’t really feel there is any need for clickable menu items. On the other hand: wouldn’t harm to make them clickable either. I’ll think about it.


Jeez, I will hire you for your design…
superb, I do envy your ideas!!

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Thanks! That’s very kind of you!

I think you might be referring to the scaling of text when adding a new device layout, whereas @FlaminFig is referring to the mobile layout autoscaling. The latter is generally not a noticeable problem, unless you have very long runs of text, the former is a constant source of frustration.

The mobile layout scaling is somewhat necessary for the current Sparkle setup, but can be worked around by careful use of text styles, so you still end up with the element frames resized, but text will have the size that’s been picked for the mobile layout and if you also use layout blocks, it’s generally pretty fast to make a layout block taller and resize the elements inside it.

Yes,. The latter is what I was referring to. Layout is extremely important to me so at the moment I’m using all devices to be absolutely sure the site is displayed the way I want to. When displayed on an ultra wide display vs for instance a regular sized screen; graphics need to be bigger, text does not.

@duncan Apologies: I meant the former!! It’s super annoying and constantly messes with the design!

Well done, nice images. Great job.

Thanks, appreciate it!

It’s super good!
I congratulate you, it is not too much, that you consider the integration of social networks on your website… I think that today using only email as a means of communication is limiting…
The user searches for information on social networks, and as you say, your audiovisual work is consumed through screens. :slight_smile:

@Songer I’m still considering that. It’s a fair point. But I feel like, if I’m going to incorporate social media, I also have to keep my social media up to date which I really don’t like doing at all and don’t really have the time for either. But I’m gonna think about it. Thanks!

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A good design with very interesting work. Congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

@Saeta Thanks! A lot!

Loved the design of the site, from another fellow composer :slight_smile: Well done.

@rimram Thanks, highly appreciated!