How to create an "upcoming dates" page which staff can update outside of sparkle?

Is there a way to create an “upcoming dates” page, which staff can update outside of sparkle?

We are a theatre company and want to create an upcoming performances page, and i would like our admin to be able to update this as dates come in, without having to edit and re-post the page via the app ie can it be updated like a blog post or similar?

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Have you tried the different services related to Sparkle in the “Calendar” function? I personally have never used them, so I haven’t tried them myself, but I think they can be used to display dates for upcoming events.

no not yet, I’ll look into it.
Ideally staff would be able to add a new line saying “date, event, location” or something similar via another app that they can access and it would auto display this on the page, rather than me re editing the page and uploading each time.

I think the built-in calendar services in Sparkle can do this. They will probably have the ability to edit the information directly from the service’s website :blush:

Sorry I can;t figure this out,
can someone offer more advice /guidance.

to reiterate I am creating a page of upcoming events - the issue is, we get more bookings coming in regularly and i want my admin to be able to update the web page without having to go into the website editer, also I dont want visitors to the site to be able to change it.

is there a way she can do this remotely?

Unfortunately, neither do we.

It would be a little easier for all of us if we could see what you are talking about and how the whole thing is structured.

So it’s just fishing in the mud.

Mr. F.

This is something to be done completely outside of sparkle as it does not provide any CMS.
Calendly might be an app to help but not sure - you must create a calendly account for free and test it out what you want to achieve, if this is enough then, contact support from calendly and so on. This is not that easy at all and needs some certain testing and playing around, failing, testing. Ther#s nothing out of the box. But once you have a calendly account, share those credentials with your tour manager/admin, one can easily update from any device.
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Hey Mr_Fozzie
thanks for replying. what i’m after is really simple, its just
an ‘upcoming events’ page which lists the events coming up like this;

Mon Jan 6th , Shakespeare in the park , Castle Howard
Wed Jan 8th , Rock musical , Loch Lomand

its a simple list on a web page, and rather than me amending the page each time we get a booking i want my admin to be able to add a line with the relevant details.
The problem is she will not have access to the web build app, so rather than updating and reloading a page i wondered if there was a way of displaying a list from an external source or is there a way of her editing contents within a page somehow by repurposing some other application?


Even though it’s just a simple list, the solution is not quite as easy as you might think.

The website has to get the data of the events from somewhere, process it and display it. For this you need a script (Java, PHP, Perl, CGI, or whatever) and an external file with this data.

This file is then also on the server or on the Internet, where the corresponding person must also have access (using an FTP program). Now the file can be edited externally and put online again, so that the script of the website can read it.

Believe me, countless errors can occur in the process.

I haven’t dealt with this yet, but a calendar plugin could be really helpful. Or is it possible to integrate the Google calendar? That can be edited by other people with appropriate shares.

Mr. F.

Sparkle only generates static websites out of the box. You can embbed dinamic services via Sparkle, but it isn’t created within it (neither is it focus).

A solution that would be great for you, as others have suggested, is embedding a shared calendar - like Google Calendar.

Google Calendar allows you to embbed a specific calendar in a web page using a code.
You would

  • Grab the embbed code from Google Calendar,

  • open up your Sparkle file and add a “embbed widget”.

  • In the widget, you will paste the code you’ve got from Google Calendar.

That way, that specific calendar will now appear in the page, within the widget area.

It’s not really a real calendar, but a listing of events.

Maybe there is someone here who is familiar with Google Docs and knows how to integrate one into Sparkle.

I could also imagine that as a possible solution.

Mr. F.

Thank you for this.
I will look into this as a solution

i realize having discussed it, that this doesn’t need to be an actual calendar
Its just a line of text. I can update the page via sparkle - but it would make my life so much easier if my admin could add a new line of text to the page remotely.

is there any program that can do this - like a blog post or a twitter feed??

I realized it in a bit uncommon way (I do not know if my translation from German to English is correct, but your will get the idea):

  1. Create a textfile (eg. calender.txt) with some content
  2. In Sparkle Editor, create a button and configurate the button with “download file”, then choose the textfile from 1.
  3. Upload website
  4. iPhone: Load app “documents by readdle”, create an SFTP connection with your website FTP info
  5. Open SFTP connection, goto folder “download”, check if your textfile calendar.txt is in this folder. By clicking on the textfile, you can modify it with your latest calender info.
  6. In Sparkle Editor, remove button and create a box “external content”.
  7. In the properties of External Content, type: and click on “save” and “renew”. You should now see the content of the calender.txt in the box.
  8. Upload website again.
  9. If you want to change the content of calender.txt, use documents by readdle to edit calendar.txt and save it when ready.


Using my way, you will get a white box with pure text content. No graphics, no calendar like google calendar.
If you want to have more graphical content, maybe you can have a slideshow box on your website and modify the pictures stored on your webspace (without changing size and file name), e.g. use screenshots of the google calendar? This should work, but I did not test it by now.
Modifying a textfile can be done on an iPhone, modifying pictures you need an iPad or a computer, I think.


If you only want to display text, you have several methods, and one of the simplest is to integrate a Google Docs document as suggested by @Mr_Fozzie. Google Docs actually offers a function to embed a document on a website. If you’re interested, I can explain how to do it.

Alternatively, there is another method which involves displaying an image containing the text instead of plain text on the website. In Sparkle, you add an image “from a network location,” which can be an image hosted on the same server as your website or on Dropbox, for example. You put the desired text on this image, and if you want to change the text, you create a new image with the same dimensions and the same name, and you replace the old one. This way, the image will be different but will have the same URL, and the website will display the new image with the updated dates.

@imernater, have you thought of maybe using social media and “killing 2 birds” with one stone? If you integrate Twitter or maybe Facebook, but only show the latest update/post? just a thought.

Another fantastic solution out there is Notion ( which I use with my clients at times. You can create a Notion page which any of your admin members can update on a desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Once you have created your “Upcoming Dates” page in Notion you can easily embed this into your Sparkle document by using Sparkle’s Embed widget.

On your Notion end you have made the page Public. In Sparkle you drop the following code in to the Embed widget. Use the code you see on this page - Just type it out and where you see source (src=“place copied Notion page link”) place the copied link of the Notion page.

You will have hours of fun in knowing how easy this is and how it plays fantastically with Sparkle!!! :slight_smile:


thanks for this.
I briefly looked at Notion, but its a monthly pay thing and i want to keep this free from ongoing costs if poss.
Google Cal has worked, YAY! but looks like a windows 95 pop up. hopefully i can find a more aesthetically pleasing alt but if not at least it works.

I’d like to give the google doc idea a go and see how that looks.
I have google drive so how do i embed a google doc??

Notion is for free. If you want more advance features then their is a subscription.

ah ok, i’ll have another look