How to hide the dark horizontal gradient bar on video?

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I still have the same problem. Is there anyone who can help me to resolve it? I posted this question already in January 2024!

How to hide the progress slider on video, even though the “Progress Slider” button is deactivated?

I’d rather like the play button at the bottom of the video. But if I don’t center the play button I get that blurry bar at the bottom in Preview.

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Post from January 6, 2024

As I mentioned in your other post @mynona, but maybe it would be best to get hold of @duncan on this one by using

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I don’t fully understand the issue here - maybe you can explain some more. I’ve incorporated videos on a page and have not seen the issue with the dark bar at the bottom:

Can you explain where the videos are hosted, and what method you are using to display the videos.

The easiest way to have a play button displaying non centrally, is to make it a part of a custom thumbnail image. Alternatively, add a player icon over the video and have it act as a media control.

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Thank you for your kind response. Much appreciated.

I created a test site so it becomes more clear what I mean. Compare the two videos. It’s obvious that when I want the play button in the video at the bottom left, I get that annoying dark horizontal gradient bar. Of course, it’s not so obvious with dark videos.

I figured it out!

I just wanted a plain video. No distractions by player controls. It seems that wasn’t possible.

I adjusted to: “No player controls”. Added some text instead. So that people know it is a video.

“Problem” resolved. []

Thank you for your advice.

In your previews the play button is centered. No problem here.
But if you want the play button bottom left you get that dark horizontal gradient bar.

Question: How can I activate the thumbnail image to start the video?
How do I add a player icon over the video?

A few hours later …
I understand what you mean by “add a player icon over the video and have it act as a media control”.
Have to purchase an upgrade to Sparke 5.5 for that. –Will do so.