Image management with Sparkle based sites

Hello everyone. I am in the initial stages of making a significant update of my site’s user interface. One of the needs of the new interface is more images than what I use currently.

To give you a sense of magnitude, I have over 60 pages (with more blogs coming) and perhaps only a dozen images. With the new interface, I will need almost as many images as pages.

Do you have many images in your site? If so, I’d like to understand how you manage those images.

For example, do you find a need to know outside your site what image is used where? If so, how do you do it?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure what you mean by this?

Are you asking, how do you organise files locally? If so, there are a thousand ways to do this and often comes down to personal preference.

Are you referring to image naming conventions, or hierarchical structures?

I regularly deal with designing books which have many hundreds of images. I tend to create a structure based on chapters for originals, then once edited, balanced and colour corrected, I create a folder where they are all loose (so it is easy for InDesign to relink them if necessary), but named by chapter. I know this is slightly different, but you just have to devise a structure that suits your site. 60 images is not so many as to become a major headache.

If I have missed the point, please let me know what you mean.

Thanks sprout. Good scoop with answers to your clarifying-request question is yes and yes.

I don’t have a database (e.g. FileMaker Pro) to create a repository of images along with image attributes (aka metadata). However, with MacOS, we do have tags along with naming conventions and hierarchal structures.

Do you assume a 1:1 relationship between an image file and where it is used? Do you duplicate the image file if the same image file is used in more than one location? Do you have different sizes or resolutions for the same image? Does the hierarchal structure alone provide you with a way to find the image you want? Do you use tags in any way?

And then, what questions do you want answered with how you manage images? For example:

  • Where is an image used?
  • How many places is an image used?
  • Where did the image come from?
  • What is the image about?
  • What are the images dimensions?

I tend to have images I have taken saved by date and name. If I need the mor a job, I duplicate it and save it in the job folder with the relevant job number. Often they are photos I have been sent for a specific job, so they are saved to the folder with a job number. For this, I use Fanurio, so I can always locate a job or search for a file name. A lot comes diown to being consistent with your own file naming conventions, so you always know what to expect / look up.

Hope this makes sense and helps a little.

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@DaverD , your best to have the blog page data linked to the images. A couple of ways, 1 -you would have your blog page data and sub folder for the images ( as you mentioned in the OS). Each blog page would load each image from the folder. This would get scary when you have lots of pages and images. 2- Another method is to put it into a database, one to many relationship ( FileMaker could be used ). The images can be pulled from FileMaker with a container link to the sparkle page. 3 -The other option is to use a CDM service to store the images, each image would have a unique link that can be imbedded into sparkle page. e.g. wloudinary, images, Amazon S3. Sparkle would have the blog data with the links to the images. I do this now with multiple sites. This splits the load when the page loads, the web server loads the text and the images come off another service.