Need Help with Image Optimization for Faster Loading Times

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I’m currently building a website using Sparkle, and I’m loving the experience so far! However, I’ve run into an issue with the loading times of my pages, especially those with multiple images.

Does anyone have any tips or best practices for optimizing images in Sparkle to improve page load speeds? I’m particularly interested in any specific settings within Sparkle or external tools that integrate well with it.
I also check this:
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Sparkle already have a system to optimize images. It generates different sizes for each image, and convert them to .webp. You can check this by going into Settings > Images to further improve the compression

This depends on more than what Sparkle does in compressing the imagee which I might add is really well done! :)…

The biggie is the hosting server! Its efficiency and lagginess.
As @primo mentioned we have options in how far we go via the Sparkle Image Settings.

What we create on the canvas of Sparkle is magically converted to web page code. In that process Sparkle does its magic with the images, text, placement, breakpoints, and the rest. Whatever we do post publishing will only last until we republish.

Just remember at best you need to 2x your image size before placing it in Sparkle.
This compensates for the hight density pixel screens.