Instagram does not work

I can’t get instagram to work. I want to have an instagramfeed with recent posts. The pages are under development and are located here.

When I enter the Instagram address in settings, the page comes up for a second before the error message «Insufficient developer role» comes up. When I log into Instagram it works fine.

At the bottom of the page, I have entered the address in the instagramlogo, here I get an error message. Above is a text link to Instagram, that works.

Ther’s a post from Duncan recently about this topic: Instagram not showing - #3 by lode.rosel is just one of them.
It appears because FB does not provide proper support with its instagram towards sparkle and others.

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This has been discussed here:

We still don’t have a resolution, but we’re still working on it.

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Thanks, Duncan
I have already done it, I hope the customer accepts and that this will be resolved in the future;)