Instagram issues

Hey all, unfortunately facebook is making unreasonable compliance requests for our Instagram integration, and we’re not sure if we’ll be able to keep the feature.

The symptom is Sparkle will show this message when attempting to connect an Instagram account:


Embedding a post can be replaced by a few steps:

  • you click on the three dots top right, then click on “embed":

  • then this window opens and you click “Copy embed code”:

  • in Sparkle you add an embed element:

  • you paste (CMD-V) and click the save button:

  • and after a few moments the instagram image appears (and you can resize that element like any other):

We currently don’t have solution for replacing recent images.

Apologies for the trouble, we’re still negotiating with Facebook, but it will take days or weeks and we still don’t know whether facebook will work with us or not.


This is really sad news! :frowning:
Connecting Instagram is one of my biggest client’s request.

Thanks Duncan for the alternative.

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I have the same issue as mentioned way earlier, that the insta-post does not appear but askes for "watch on insta:

Hello @duncan so the certificate has expired yesterday and I have the same issue trying to login again… Any news from the IG/FB side?

Hi, Community

Just wanted to echo how important this feature is for our websites. In fact, anything that improves or expands social integration – TikTok, etc. – is highly recommended! It’s nothing but a social world out there, after all. Hope Meta cooperates.

In the meantime, thankful for the ease of embedding a post.

Good luck!


The news is we’re testing a new instagram integration workflow that we hope to release in Sparkle 5.1.1