Keep Image from being Downloaded?

Is there away to keep the end user from pulling your pictures?

@jfmusic, This has been discussed several times in the forum so just do a quick search to see all the great responses.

In the end you can’t stop anyone from downloading your images because even if you disenable the right click or drag and drop, the user can still take a screenshot, or even go into the web page code and hunt down the image!

I would place a warning on your website that the images are not to be downloaded without written consent and if you still feel uncomfortable about it all watermark your images.

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As @greenskin said, no you can’t stop downloading but you can benefit by it. Every so often put your images in Google images or TinEye to find where, if at all, your images have been used. This is called “reverse image search”.

If you find an unauthorized use of your image, contact the site. But here’s where it can work to your advantage - Don’t ask for it to be removed. Advise the site it can continue using the image but the offending site must give you credit (your name or business) on the image and provide a backlink to the original image on your site.

This can be powerful branding and result in positive search engine ranking by showing Google you are the owner and that this image is important enough someone linked to it.


@thetravelhikelife, Boy you are a smartcookie to boot! :slight_smile: That is a fantastic win/win take on the whole thing of image theft… love it! :slight_smile:


Hello @jfmusic

As @greenskin mentioned, it has been discussed in the forum.

Here is the link to one of these threads:

Thanks! @greenskin Your opinion matters.

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As usual, thanks to all for the input.

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