Mention your Sparkle website!

Thank you for your comment Shadowfax :slightly_smiling_face:

Site for a fitness promo:

I used Sparkle to create my personal website, Hame.Land, to showcase:

  • my comics work
  • my novels
  • a podcast I did about finishing, printing, & binding your own novels
  • my blog

The latter is the kludgey part: Not wanting to fight with WordPress again, I opted for a flat-file Markdown blog engine called HTMLy. It was able to import all my old blog posts – huzzah! – but now HTMLy looks like abandon-ware, and all my posts are stuck there. Boo!

The blog still works, but doesn’t play nicely with RSS and can’t export to any other blog format. Ugh!

Other than that, though, Sparkle has been incredible – just a joy to use. And its ability to import an existing site saved me so much time.


Nice! Very nice indeed.

Hi Duncan! I´ve bee using Sparkle App from the first times and it is amazing . I’m a web and graphic designer, but Sparkle is a game changing … You can focus on the design and “forget” the code, finally the that you can create is perfect 100% pro , 100% responsive, faster …

My website is totally designed on sparkle:


How do you make words like “the barber” appear when you hover the mouse over a picture?

You can do this with a button:

Text (colour) is set to “transparent” for the “normal” state of the button and for the “Mouse Hover” you can choose any colour.

Hope this helps.

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I like your website and your comics. :+1:
Had to stop reading last night, it was getting late. :grinning:
I hope you will find a way to move your blog to another platform. I know how it feels when something is stuck because suddenly software gets abandoned. :roll_eyes:

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@ gsstamas

Thanks so much!

The only design challenge with Sparkle is that the sky’s the limit! No excuses anymore.



Thanks! Yeah, there’s a lot of old blog material there. It’s mostly all blather that nobody really needs to know about, but I can’t just write off over a decade of thoughts and experiences.

Maybe this is something I could hire someone to come up with a quick solution for – scooping all the content and turning it into something ‘importable’. Where does one look for such a person?

P.S. It’s nice to finally step into the community here!

Yes, the community here is nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your blog on HTMLy.
I don’t know that platform.
According to the HTMLy website you can download the posts and images as a ZIP file.
Do you have access to the individual files of your blog? Such as HTML files and the complete folder structure?
I think then you could import them into Sparkle.
Although, hmmm, your blog is 198 pages, so it would be quite an undertaking.

One nice future-proof feature of HTMLy is that all the posts are saved as flat files on my server – so, yeah, I can download them at any time, and they’re fairly human-readable (JSON, I think).

Something else being able to read (and import from) the site’s RSS was my hope, but HTMLy doesn’t seem to supply a full-text feed. But I’ve just discovered some services that try to make a full feed out of partial ones – so thank you for putting that idea in my head!

EDIT: No joy :frowning:

Sorry to hear that.
I wish I could help you, but right now I don’t have any idea. I will think about it.
Maybe in the meantime someone else will read this and have a solution.

Sorry, we have gone a bit off topic, since this was originally all about “Mention your Sparkle website!”
But there is a new category for that now. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, that’s helpful.

@shadowfax Oops, right you are! Happy grazing :slight_smile:

Hi! Is super easy :grinning: on sparkle, you must create a button with color text transparent, background fill in with an image, and then in hover settings select background color a transparent color ( up 15% apron) and font color a solid color (white in my case)I give a photo with all the settings


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Amazing, clean site!

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I have created this site for my wifes sister:

@shadowfax Quick follow-up: Someone over on the GitHub page for HTMLy suggested a really simple change to the config page – and now my posts are all visible in the RSS feed! Yay!

So WordPress is an option again (or something else), though I’m hoping that the Sparkle team will create some kind of blogging solution, and that it will:

  • A) Be able to import existing posts, and
  • B) Be accessible on mobile, or through a web interface, not just in the desktop Sparkle client.

All very off-topic, but I’m overjoyed at the thought that all my old content isn’t stuck forever in an obscure format. Phew!

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2 websites:

and an experiment in blogging

very flexible

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