Menu with an active state to let users know, where they watch

Would be nice to have the possibility to let users know from the menu, at what page they look - this is of course necessary for all menus but especially for fullscreen menus.

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It has been discussed many times and would be a great addition! :slight_smile:


Nice idea. Then please make concrete suggestions as to how this should look at:

vertical menu with submenu
popup menu on smartphone

Where you are should be obvious from the content of the page.

Mr. F.

I hurry up and look for showcases - buttons should have four states instead of just three. Normal-Hover/Rollover-Click-Active. Active states indicate on which part of the site or page one is at.
On these are the yellow or blue square dots which are clickable, create some action and indicate the place where scrolled at. This should also be the case for menus. Muse was/is able to do this - I didn’t do that for the menu itself for I don’t know anymore. On my actual project: Steinmetze-binder/ortenau my full screen, yet Lightbox menu cannot show this easy but forces me to do a Lightbox menu separate for each page and put the active state also manually there in front of the corresponding pages.
Hope that helps in clarifying my request.

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