Moving Files to MacBook Pro

I’ve been creating on my iMac but I’m doing some away time and need to transfer my Sparkle app and files to the MacBook.

Question about the site data files. Do they contain the publishing info? Do I need to transfer the “application support” folder in the Library as well as site files? What all do it need to transfer to maintain ftp access to my sites?


I think all you need is the Sparkle app installed on your Mac Book. You can copy the sparkle file across also but you will need the assets as well (images etc.) As for the FTP application, if you’re using the FTP facilities built into Sparkle, its part of the application - all you will need is the login information to your server.

@talkgtr, The suggestion I would make is any external files (like pdf, video, etc…) make sure you embed them into the Sparkle document - “Store in this document” otherwise they will be missing on your macBook Pro.


[greenskin] thanks, how do I “ Store in this document

Hello @talkgtr

“Normal” images are always stored in the Sparkle document, except for gallery images. In the gallery you can choose where to store images:

Videos can be stored “in original location” or “in this document”:


The same for downloadable files, such as PDFs, ZIPs …


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@talkgtr, I have had some gracious help from @Shadowfax (thank you!)…

He has taken screenshots visually explaining it further which will be a great help for you.

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Thanks everyone, looks like I made the right decisions early on, I did store my gallery images in the document.

So where is the site’s FTP information stored??

Hello @talkgtr

@duncan explained the procedure in this thread:

Hope this helps! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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