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Hi everyone. can anyone kindly tell me if there is a way to eliminate in one page the header of the site formed by the logo and the navigation menu? thanks now for the answers.

Not sure if I fully understand, but if you mean only show the header on certain pages then use the “show on this page only” option. If you want to repeat the header on some of the other pages, just use copy and paste. The pasted element will usually appear in the same location on the page you copy to.

First of all thank you for your answer. Yes, you got it right. I also thought about copying and pasting but I think it weighs down the site. Maybe I’m wrong … The other option, the one you are talking about, that is the “only on this page” function is not practicable because I have to remove the header from only one page and show it in all the others. If I turn on “only on this page” the header disappears on all the others, after which I would not know what to click on the other pages to tick this function. I hope I was clear. But still thank you very much again.

Hello @maxsanna

What you can do is:
Put all the pages, that need to show the header, into a new “section”.
Then select the header and click on “Show on all pages in this section”

Move the page without the header out of the section, and then you can delete the header from that page.

This was discussed here before on the forum … I will try to find the thread.


Found it.

Ciao @Shadowfax
thank you very much, it was very useful!