OSS can anyone help!

OK I think I just invented a new syndrome - OSS ’Obsessive Sparkle Syndrome’ haha!
Now, has anyone got any medication for me!!

Joking aside, I’m really looking forward to the future, where will Sparkle be heading? Who knows, but I’m in for the ride!

Scott (recently diagnosed with OSS)

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@rimram, Ha, ha, ha… you are a funny man Scot, but I think you are right!!! I think I also have OSS! :slight_smile:

Oh boy! Now @greenskin has it as well! :grinning:

Oh leck mi no, I glaub I han des au. … that‘s swabian language and means that I am also incurable infected by OSS.
Grüßle an elle schwäbischen Sparkle-Fans.

Maybe a vaccination with Sparkle 3 helps…

Good point. We should consider Sparkle Shots.