Problems with the compact menu on 320 pix wide device

I am a relatively new user, in love with Sparkle, but when I try to adjust my basic desktop (960 pix) design to look good on the smart phone (320 pix) screen I start experiencing problems. But first before I describe my headache, let me complement Duncan and his partner Daniele on v3 of this amazing program. It’s clear and intuitive and rewards all the time I am spending with it. Many thanks!

Here is what is not working for me, or more exactly, what I don’t understand.
On the 320 pix device I want to use the “hamburger” menu which I believe is called the compact menu, i.e. the three bars, that don’t take up much space on the small screen. In the sparkle window, I can move the hamburger symbol into position but I can’t see the pop down result until I activate the live view in Safari, I would very much like to be able to adjust the small boxes in which the page names appear, because they are so narrow, but I don’t se how to make them appear in the Sparkle window. Additionally, on mouse hover, the background of whatever page name I am hovering on, or moving the cursor over, becomes transparent, letting the photo beneath show through and obscuring the text, whereas I have actually selected white for the background. And finally, the biggest puzzle: when I look at the three-bar hamburger icon in Live View, the word Menu appears as if pasted on top of the three-bar symbol. I can’t get it to disappear.

Surely if I just keep poking around on the Sparkle screen and checking in Live View, I will probably stumble on the solution. But the suggestions in this community forum page are so helpful that I could’t resist asking. Many thanks


I recommend reading this: "Menu" showing up behind Hamburger-menu
and this: Responsive site woes

They key is building a wide menu and a small menu for the different devices and then hiding the unwanted menu per device. It took me a while to figure that out.

Mr. F.

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Thank you so much for the suggestion and the helpful references. All the best