Publishing issue on GoDaddy?

I am unable to publish my website using the “Publish to web” option under site settings via Godaddy. After I put in my server, username and password it logs me in, then no matter what folder or path I choose I receive the “the selected folder is not published to https://…” error message and cannot proceed. I go back export the files to disk, then ftp them manually to the public_html folder via Cyberduck and it works.

Has anybody else experienced this and knows how to fix it? It is going to be a pain to have to do all these steps of manually uploading the files every time.

the forum search is your friend.
I hope this helps:



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Thank you for the reply, Michael. I did try putting in the IP address and it came up with the same response - once it connected, it showed a list of folders on the server, and no matter which one I selected, it gave me the same error message and would not allow me to proceed.

Better you talk to your hosting provider, in 95% of cases there is a problem on their end.

Also it would help if you would post a screenshot off your settings in here.

Just coming at it from the left-field… Have you got the same address you are connecting to in your Settings / General / Website Address? If they are not the same you will have server issues.

Appreciate the feedback. Not sure what’s going on - the folder I have selected here (public_html) is the same one I manually FTP’d the site to and it is working…

Hi jiclark007,

typo problem, it happens and sometimes hard to detect by oneself.

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