Snow on website!

Hello users of Sparkle, is there anybody know how i make snow on my Sparkle website? Not complicated please.

If you mean snowflakes coming down your screen, that is only possible vis script, that will be complicated. Sparkle is not made for that.

Hi @Leen,
Here is a very simple script for you to try. It’s not the greatest looking and remember if the website page background is white, you won’t see it.

Add an ‘Embed’ box to your page and stretch it to fill the entire page. It needs to be the bottom layer of everything else. Then add the code below in the menu on the right. Once added, click save. You can preview it without going live. Here is the code:

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 22.55.44

Good luck!

Hi @Leen

There are free videos of snow available with transparent backgrounds like this.

Sparkle doesn’t support transparent background directly, but if you don’t mind the underlying image being a little darker from a black video background, you can make the video semi-transparent and get a good effect without much effort.

If the darkness is too annoying, you could try Duncan’s workaround for transparent video.

I haven’t tried it myself, but I think a Lottie animation might be another option. I didn’t see any realistic snowfall ones in a quick search, but you could potentially make one with something like Keyshape.

thanks Rick & Scoutdesign i will try both. If it will works i show you. :grinning: