Sparkle 3 unresponsive while publishing

I installed 3 a day or two ago (nice!), but it has become unresponsive while publishing (twice). Generally, I just change something on a page like a new version of a video and publish it. It uploads a lot of stuff including the new video, but eventually stops. I have 32 G of memory and Sparkle is using all of it plus disk caching. I’ve had to force quit Sparkle twice to get it back. Also running Big Sur. What do you think?


Maybe your project file is hitting some edge case. In general we have never gotten above a couple gigs of memory used, and we have tested extensively because of prior leaks.

Please send the project file via wetransfer over to and mention your mac hardware setup and macOS software version. Thanks!

Hi Duncan,

Don’t you ever sleep? I just sent the file using wetransfer. The page in question can be viewed at

Thanks for all your help.

That video is 550MB, so I’d use to make it smaller. Will check the publish issues.

As I mentioned in the retransfer message, I’m back to Sparkle using a “Poster Image” from a different video (one from a trip to the UK). I haven’t tried deleting the preferences yet and re-publishing so you can look at it first.

…and you asked about my configuration:

iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inch, late 2014)
Processor 3.5 GHx Quar-Core Intel Core i5
Memory 24 GB 1600 MHx DDR3
Storage: 3.12 TB (1.75 free)
MacOS: Big Sur: 11.0.1
Sparkle: 3.0.1 (8326)

I think I’ve tried Handbreak. It will export a smaller video file, but it seems to produce a lower quality video as well. Do you have any Handbreak output configurations that provide good quality videos?


You are using the video in 600x337 so you can start by reducing the resolution from 1920x1080 to something closer. You will have to try with the quality settings something that works for you. Also you need to set the “web optimized” flag.

That’s actually a very old bug that is fixed, but is latent in caches on your disk. If you clear the caches and republish it should be fixed.

I’ll try reducing the resolution and clearing the caches (again).

If you go down in size you will lose quality. Yes your video starts out at 600x337 but if the viewer takes it to full screen you are at 1920x1080. Don’t run it through Handbrake just yet.

Clear Sparkle’s caches again, close Sparkle. Clear your browser cache and close your browser. Power down your Mac and let it sit off for a few minutes. Restart your Mac and Sparkle. Remove the video from Sparkle. Embed the video back into Sparkle, save Sparkle, and publish.

Software bugs have a way of hanging around, especially after major upgrades like Big Sur and Sparkle 3.

I’ll try all of that tomorrow and post what happens.

Thanks for your help.

@JayDe I find the best results from handbrake are achieved by using the Fast 720p30 preset as shown below:

You should also select the Web Optimized, Align AV Start and iPod 5G Support options. If you then switch to the Video tab, you should select the Fast Decode option.

The output is fairly good. The sample video on THIS PAGE was made using the above settings and embedded into a Sparkle page. It, too, is a large file (77MB after handbrake), but the quality is perfectly acceptable for web use. Note: a good fast fibre connection is needed to see the demo video.

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Handbrake is great, but have you thought about embedding your video from Vimeo instead? You’ll save a lot of bandwidth on your webserver.

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What bug would this be?

Hi All,

First (Duncan), the bug is the old one about a video using the wrong “Poster Image.”

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far (following the suggestions from thetravelhikelife’s post:

  1. Cleared Sparkle publishing caches (in Preferences).
  2. Closed (Quit) Sparkle.
  3. “Emptied Caches” in Safari (in Develop menu).
  4. Quit Safari.
  5. Shut down computer and restarted it after 10 minutes.
  6. Opened Sparkle, deleted video from the page and added it back (still the large, 554 MB video).
  7. Saved Sparkle.
  8. Opened Activity Monitor and started Publish in Sparkle.

I took several screen shots while Sparkle was uploading until it finally stopped responding. I don’t see a way to add them, but I’ll check that out when I finish with this. Sparkle basically stopped responding when it was uploading a file named “css/site.19b44a.css.” Sparkle was using about 40GB of memory at the time according to the Activity Monitor.

Thanks for this, I’ll try it and see how it works. Your sample video looks great.


I guess reading would be a good start (drag photos to add them to the reply). Here are the screen shots of the Activity Monitor:


I exported the project you sent me and it never went over 3-4GB so I’d say it’s not a generalized issue, but something’s wrong there, not sure what at the moment.

I published it again without making any changes. It started out the same way with the memory going from 8 to 16 to 24 GB while it was uploading css/site21591e.css. I decided to just leave it alone and see what happens. I left it at 7:12 AM and at 7:32 checked on it again. It had finished publishing 6 minutes earlier - so at 7:26. All seems well with the published site. Again, the only page I changed was the one with that video. It is now fine (including the Poster Image).