Sparkle 5 problems-Can't publish!

Started Sparkle One, got message of upgrade (which I interpreted as free upgrade and was not asked for any payment). Installed upgrade and when I then tried to publish my site I got a message that I’m limited to 3 pages (which was the case with the free trial version). Quit, restarted, tried to publish and now getting message that I’m not connected to internet, which I am. HELP!!!

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Hi @zim528,

apologies, please email us with the details about your license, and we’ll check if something is still wrong. We had a server glitch but it should be resolved now.


Not sure if you really meant email rather than reply, so I sent an email with my license number. I assume I shouldn’t be posting it here.

I paid for the upgrade to 5 today and now I cannot publish any sites either. I just reinstalled 4.5 for now…hoping that works. but Hoping 5 gets fixed soon, can’t wait to try it properly.

I tried again but got the same problem. So I did as RichardMac did, deleted V5 and reinstalled V4.5 (luckily I still had the install zip file in my downloads). I was then able to publish as before, but of course look for a resolution with V5.

Same problem, same solution. What to do with V5? No answers?

Hello and welcome :blush:

I don’t want to speak on behalf of Duncan, but I’m sure this will be fixed promptly. Just wait a few hours/days for the next update to arrive.

Sorry all, this should be fixed in 5.0.1

Dear Duncan,
I have the same problem after the latest update. As soon as I want to publish, the Sparkle app stops. I’ve tried on different macs but the same thing happens everywhere.
I now have Sparkle 5.0.1 and macOS 13.4
What can I do to resolve it?
Beste regards,

It’s best if you send the project file ( to and we’ll look into it.

Thanks, I sent you an email with the file.

I have the same problem with 5.0.1. The app crashed last night losing four hours work. Have got it running again but slideshows and image grids are not working. Not sure my 80 quid was well spent!


One or two updates have been released in the meantime.
But I can’t say if these solve the problem, since I’m still in V4.5.X.

Try it.

Mr. F.

Hi alimcintire, how it happened you are stil on 5.0.1? No Sparkle quitting since last Sunday?
There were two updates (interestingly both with 5.0.2) and there was no way to postpone update (the only option was to run it). I also had some crashes but 5.0.2 fixed it without loss in my work.

As Mr_Fozzie said: Try it!


I am on Ventura and on Sparkle 5.0.2. testing (20558). Sparkle is well on its way with its new features. I can publish to disk without problems.

The 5.0.3 will appear shortly. I was able to work a little with this version yesterday. After I also had crashes with 5.0.2 and another problem, 5.0.3 seems to be the most suitable. But even this version is not yet completely stable

Let’s try to keep things in perspective:

If you need to deliver results to a customer:
Stay conservative and for a little longer to 4.5. (“Never change a running system…”)

If you can afford it for a while to help Duncan and his team: Go for Sparkle 5!
Try it to its limits and provide feedback to!
But the team is really dedicated and any new version needs testing and feedback from us.
Sparkle is a wonderful tool and the Sparkle-team keeps rocking.
In the long run we gain way more than 80 bugs!

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And to add further…
Opening your Sparkle 4.5 in the present Sparkle 5 does not overwrite your V4.5 project so you can’t loose your project.

When you have your V4.5 project opened in Sparkle 5 you need to save it to a new location. If you are saving Sparkle 5 regularly then you should not have a problem if it crashes. There is where Time Machine (or your backup) comes into play.

As @TomVogel mentioned, the best thing you can do is report your issue to Duncan and in due time it will be resolved. In the end we are all human, and human’s help one another! :slight_smile: :pray:


We shipped some bad bugs, really sorry. But other than apologize we can try to solve the issue if you send the project file over to ( works), and we’ll do our best to help.

I’ve had similar problems and in fairness, Duncan identified a bug relating to menus during conversion from V4 to V5 quickly. However, further similar problems came up later.

I’m not happy about paying to become a beta tester. Sparkle is brilliant, but at the same time, if I buy something, I expect it to work. Niggling little bugs… maybe. Project halting big, fat ugly bugs… Shouldn’t happen.