Sparkle 5 problems-Can't publish!

Started Sparkle One, got message of upgrade (which I interpreted as free upgrade and was not asked for any payment). Installed upgrade and when I then tried to publish my site I got a message that I’m limited to 3 pages (which was the case with the free trial version). Quit, restarted, tried to publish and now getting message that I’m not connected to internet, which I am. HELP!!!

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Hi @zim528,

apologies, please email us with the details about your license, and we’ll check if something is still wrong. We had a server glitch but it should be resolved now.


Not sure if you really meant email rather than reply, so I sent an email with my license number. I assume I shouldn’t be posting it here.

I paid for the upgrade to 5 today and now I cannot publish any sites either. I just reinstalled 4.5 for now…hoping that works. but Hoping 5 gets fixed soon, can’t wait to try it properly.

I tried again but got the same problem. So I did as RichardMac did, deleted V5 and reinstalled V4.5 (luckily I still had the install zip file in my downloads). I was then able to publish as before, but of course look for a resolution with V5.

Same problem, same solution. What to do with V5? No answers?

Hello and welcome :blush:

I don’t want to speak on behalf of Duncan, but I’m sure this will be fixed promptly. Just wait a few hours/days for the next update to arrive.

Sorry all, this should be fixed in 5.0.1

Dear Duncan,
I have the same problem after the latest update. As soon as I want to publish, the Sparkle app stops. I’ve tried on different macs but the same thing happens everywhere.
I now have Sparkle 5.0.1 and macOS 13.4
What can I do to resolve it?
Beste regards,

It’s best if you send the project file ( to and we’ll look into it.

Thanks, I sent you an email with the file.