Sparkle vs Adobe Dreamweaver

So I was invited to pitch for a website this morning. Didn’t know what to expect but was called into central London to give a pitch. When I got there, I sat next to the woman who I was presenting to and she invited a Dreamweaver coder into the meeting via Zoom.

This is getting interesting now I thought. Is this going to be a site Sparkle can’t handle. Does it need a CRM or specific coding?

Anyway, she literally got her stopwatch out (on her iPhone) and repeatedly set us against each other to time us on various tasks. I thought in 40 years of being in business I’d seen everything but clearly I haven’t. She was impressed with what Sparkle was doing. Needless to say everything that was asked of me was attainable by Sparkle and in ¼ of the time. I had pretty much designed one page of her website (almost) at the end when she asked if she could use it straight away.

At that point, I worked out I had been played and said ‘yes, of course you can’. Here are my bank details and said, that will be £2500.00. She didn’t want it of course, but I knew that.

Two things here folks…

1/ Sparkle annihilated Adobe in ¼ the time (I know it can’t do everything but it did in this instance)
2/ Sometimes you meet people like that. Gotta smile!


What an eye-opening experience!
Thank you @scoutdesign for sharing! :slight_smile:

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She probably thought since it was so fast and easy they were going to pay you £100. :angry:

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Thanks a lot for sharing this experience with us. Do I understand it in the right manner: you both did the some pieces of a website in order to demonstrate how fast you could do it? Was this the major task?
I have more and more clients who wants - on the other side - be in a position to change photos and texts themselves.

Crazy… In a world where everything online is ‘free’, why not a website too? :man_shrugging:

Who said that the worst idea about the internet is the belief that it is/can be free?
[edit: free as in ‘cost nothing’ not as in ‘unrestrained’.]

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I’m guessing that was the situation. Once I realised what she was doing, I lost interest and put the price right up so she couldn’t afford it. Those customers you don’t make a profit out of.


Right, no profit so let it be (as Beatles «sang») :wink:

The next time you’re in such a situation regarding Dreamweaver, make passing note of the following facts which can be found all over the Adobe Dreamweaver forum.

DW is in minimal maintenance mode and is nearing end of life. At present it only receives critical updates.

Dreamweaver is in minimal maintenance status. No new features are planned except occasional security & compatibility updates.

Of course a person who knows what they are doing can still use aspects of DW successfully. But if you look at the release notes it’s been 4 years or more since any significant “Features” have been released.

Adobe Dreamweaver is just barely treading water at this point. Viva la Macromedia. :joy:


Did not know that!! I wonder if Adobe might bring back a more modern version of Muse?

Makes total sense to me! Adobe dumped us Muse Users like a hot potato and to add insult to injury they tried to push us into using Spark - a one page generation tool!

I have NO RESPECT for Adobe and I have dropped everything that has their name attached to it!!!

Thanks for sharing @JaneBanskey! :slight_smile:


I have dropped Adobe branded software over 10 years ago.
Not agreeing with their plans and milking their customers.

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Adobe has seemingly for now abandoned the actual web development market.

All the software which they acquired over the years from brilliant developers that allowed them to enter the web market has since been killed off after Adobe spent diligent years and effort ruining and killing the products.

With the remaining slow but obvious death of Dreamweaver and the sudden demise of Muse, next came Adobe Express ( Formerly Spark ). Which is targeted more towards the needs of social media marketing and the whole influencer crowd. On the product page they specifically mention Tiktok, creating Memes, Instagram posts, etc. :slightly_frowning_face:

Viva la Affinity, etc., .