Trouble trying to upload/publish site

My web host has an upload file feature where you drop the files into the “box” that shows up when you choose “upload”, so I published/exported my site to disk, thinking then I would drag the files into the “box”.

Some files uploaded however, I got an error message that says “An error occured. Your account may be over its quota or you attempted to upload a folder.”

There are indeed folders in the exported content: css, images, js, and one called Work Folder. The latter I’m not sure why pages 2-6 html files are in this folder.

Anyway, I haven’t had to upload a site in ages and while I did read the Sparkle doc regarding publishing and thought I did it correctly, obviously I did not. What should I be doing instead? Should I publish directly to web, or use Filezilla? Will I continue to have a problem with the folders? Did I set up my site incorrectly? The previews have been working as intended.

I attached a screenshot of the upload attempt.

All help/suggestions greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I suggest to upload your site in the app.
When you want to upload your side manually via FTP or Webhosters upload app, then you need to export your website as “Save to disk” and upload this.

Thanks, I did save to disk and upload. The screen shot is the error messages I got from the host when trying to upload it. It doesn’t seem to know what to do about the folders.

Yes seems like, try to upload via FTP client to your webhost, i had never problems with that.