Urgent: Upgrading Sparkle Issue

Hi Guys, I’m helping someone purchase Sparkle Pro. They have been experimenting with the free version.

We purchased the Pro version from the Sparkle website, but now we can’t enter the Serial Number anywhere in Sparkle

Only options available are:

  1. Upgrade
  2. Restore purchases

But both options want to take us to the App Store and there is no option to enter the Serial Number we received by email.


@Chris, Sorry to hear this! :frowning:

That is strange about the Apple Store?
When purchasing off the Sparkle website the licence is for the Sparkle app that you download. The license won’t work with the Apple Store.

So when you click Sparkle (top left) you don’t see “Your License”?
I remember that is where I placed my license and Sparkle was unlocked to the Pro version.

The Sparkle file on the local drive won’t disappear if you delete the present Sparkle app form the local drive, and then go back to the Sparkle website and download and with the new download try again “Sparkle / Your License”. See how you go…

@duncan will be back online in the next 2-3 hours so I’m sure he’ll be here to help.

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Question: Did you download the free version from the Mac App Store?
Sparkle from the app store and Sparkle from the website are identical in features, but they use two different license models.
So you can’t enter a serial number from the Sparkle website into the Mac App Store version.
What you have to do then is this:
Delete Sparkle app from your Applications folder on your Mac and then download the version from the website. Then you should be able to enter the serial number / license.

… just as @greenskin described a few minutes ago. :blush:

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@duncan explained it in this post …

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We purchased from the Sparkle website and received the serial number via email.

In Sparkle the ‘Your License’ option is not there, only restore purchases.

In the apple menu where we click upgrade it takes us to the Version popup window.

In the Popup window we have an option to restore purchases and enter the Apple ID,

Once we have done that we are looped back to the Versions Popup window.

Basically we cannot enter the serial number anywhere to upgrade from the free version to the Pro Version.


We had to download the Sparkle App again.


@Chris, Something doesn’t seem right?

At any time has your client downloaded the Sparkle app from the Apple Store?
If it is doing what you say I would delete it from the local drive and go back to the Sparkle site and download another new free version…

Ok, that is great news @Chris! :slight_smile:
And it is also really great to hear you are getting your client onboard with Sparkle! :slight_smile:

Good luck with it all ! :slight_smile:

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Glad you could solve it. :+1:

If the “Your License” was not there, then it was clearly a version from the Mac App Store. That’s why it said “Restore Purchases”.

Restore Purchases = Version downloaded from Mac App Store
Your License = Version downloaded from Sparkle Website

Those two licensing models are not interchangeable.

As you have found out, the issue is there are two versions of Sparkle, one for the AppStore and one for licenses from our website. They’re identical, except for the unlocking part.

As an aside, anything urgent should go to our feedback@sparkleapp.com email, which we are constantly monitoring.